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Greater access to Specialists in Small towns

Qualified Doctors of your Choice

Endocrinology, Neurology, Cardiology, Oncology, Genetics, Haematology, Gastero, Rheumatology & Nephrology

Personalised Medical Management

Dedicated Disease manager for managing the clinical journey right upto final outcome

Home Care

Many treatments can be done at home and we are there to support you

Lab, Radiology & Pharmacy

All services available for proper diagnosis and out of hospital management

Hospital Connect

Most of the hospitals are out partners and we follow you through your treatment at hospital and after that.

Mental & Physical Wellbeing

Preventive Heathcare services help you to reach your desired health status

Medical Clinic

Our Hybrid Medical Clinic utilises this process to deliver and manage patient's treatment right from information gathering, history taking, clinical examination, investigations, decision making, treatment monitoring and result assessment. Speciality Day Care Centres are specialised Clinics with Day care services which work on Hybrid mode both through Physical and Telemedicine consultations being done by superspecialists. These centres provide medical services to the patients utilising the knowledge and data-driven technology and process of company. Our Hybrid Clinic Model helps to build an infrastructure to be able to provide specialised advises and Non-Emergent Out of hospital medical treatment for diseases for these high-end specialities very close to patient in Tier II and III areas. This can happen through Teleconsultation in an environment of Clinic where patient can be adequately assessed through locally available doctors and medical team and can avail management through Teleconsultation of Super Specialised doctors. This process will be data driven, evidence based and scientifically driven which ensures that Specialists as well as Patients have confidence in the Clinical Decision Process. Our Chain of Clinics in the form of Hybrid Clinics which shall be positioned in the Tier II and III cities in India, shall be the prime delivery centre for medical needs of patients in both semi urban and rural areas. These Centres will provide Super Speciality Medical Consultations to these patients who currently need to travel too far to metropolitan areas to get such advises and treatment. We will aggregate Specific super specialists through our Hybrid mode of consultation and reach maximum patient through tele consultation. We will equip our clinics with necessary physician requirements to be able to provide healthcare treatment for those specialists which include Diagnostics, Pharmacy, Labs as well as Day Care and Home health services.


1.     Endocrinology

2.     Paediatric Neurology

3.     Cardiology

4.     Neuropsychiatry

5.     Medical Genetics

6.     Haematology

7.     Medical Oncology

8.     Haem-oncology

9.     Gynae-Oncology

10.  Neurology

11.  Nephrology

12.  Gastroenterology

13.  Immunology

14.  Rheumatology

15.  Pulmonology

16.  Dermatology


1.     Pathology

2.     Pharmacy

3.     Home Care Services

4.     Day Care Services*

5.     Collection Centre for External Labs