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It is the Disease that kills and not the Doctor!

Evolution of life on Earth took billions of years. After such a long evolution, nature has achieved huge complexity in the human body that we have today. Every process is meticulously programmed from structural unity, homeostasis and high end defence mechanisms to very complex neural mechanisms we have for a natural life. Evolution gave us not just an excellent body…


Storytelling has been the way of life since we have started our lives. Our culture, ethos, emotions, motivation and purpose are built on the stories that we listen to and narrative that it creates around ourselves. With multiple narratives around us, as we grow, we filter many of them and choose few of them to become the guiding principle of…

Healthcare: Can Fixed price Model help?

I was just going through an article about how the relationship between value and pricing has improved over last few decade. Healthcare pricing, though, is different from other goods and services, but the relationship between pricing and value does exist in this sector as well. Value is created when there is correlation between what we pay and what we get….