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About Opinion Systems

Opinion Systems is research driven, evidence and science based and outcome-oriented organisation. We are building Opinion generation process technology to make the delivered outcome of any medical institution closer to the desired outcome of the patient. We do this through a calibrated environment of Medical Opinion generation through our Chain of Clinics which form our frontend for inputs as well as outputs. These chains of clinics are platform for Doctors and Patients to come together and utilise the Opinion Technology and Data rich model of clinical decision making of Opinion Systems and create better decisions and better outcomes. We thus create early, better, and less costly outcome of any disease process to both the patients and the system of care.

What We Stand For

Opinion Systems is a unique concept which is pushing the boundaries of healthcare systems closer to the patient. We are driving innovations into Solutions of healthcare challenges and bringing those solutions closer to the patient to bring faster, economical, and better outcomes. Solutions are data driven, process derived and from leading medical professionals around you and from the world. Just that those solutions to diseases are processed through our research evolved process engine to ensure that those solutions not just remain solutions but bring desired outcomes to our patient’s illnesses and problems.


Opinion Systems believes that Opinions form an important part of everyone’s’ day to day life and those opinions creates a profound effect on the outcomes of our solutions to problems. Those outcomes reflect opinions and thus affects your wellbeing including physical as well as mental wellbeing. We formulate processes that create those opinions in a derived ecosystem which has been orchestrated to ensure that those opinions create better outcomes thus reducing costs, efforts, and time in approaching your true health.


Our systems work to bring actual outcomes closer to your desired outcome. We reduce this gap through mathematical modelling after thorough statistical evaluation of every patient and other patients in the defined geography. In other words, the idea of the work that we do is to walk you through a path of health wellbeing by taking every factor into consideration so that the chances as well as the cost of such well-being are improved to your benefit.


Opinion Systems has the vision to bring the patient’s outcome of a disease event as closer as possible to its desired outcome, in the minimum time possible and at least cost to both the patient and the system. Opinion Systems is engaged in learning process of achieving that target through adequately defining various variable in the process and to understand their relationships with different the healthcare system which shall ultimately transform the clinical decision-making process and immensely help clinicians and patients.


Speciality Day Care Centres utilises this process to deliver and manage patient’s treatment right from information gathering, history taking, clinical examination, investigations, decision making, treatment monitoring and result assessment. Speciality Day Care Centres are specialised Clinics with Day care services which work on Hybrid mode both through Physical and Telemedicine consultations being done by superspecialists. These centres provide medical services to the patients utilising the knowledge and data-driven technology and process of company.


Our Hybrid Clinic Model helps to build an infrastructure to be able to provide specialised advises and Non-Emergent Out of hospital medical treatment for diseases for these high-end specialities very close to patient in Tier II and III areas. This can happen through Teleconsultation in an environment of Clinic where patient can be adequately assessed through locally available doctors and medical team and can avail management through Teleconsultation of Super Specialised doctors. This process will be data driven, evidence based and scientifically driven which ensures that Specialists as well as Patients have confidence in the Clinical Decision Process.


Other than these centres, Opinion Systems also works in Consulting, Technology development and Research space. Technology and Research are the areas where company works to create solutions while Consulting and SDCs are the front end of the company to provide services to clients and patients. Consulting is a B-to-B division of the company while SDCs works on B to C model. Opinion Systems, by virtue of that learning and innovative process and design thinking provides Consulting, Technology and Services to Organisations, Healthcare Providers, as well as patients to support them in their healthcare needs and make world a healthier place.



Healthcare Consulting of Opinion Systems works to use the understanding on Opinions to provide right consulting to our healthcare clients who may be Hospitals, Clinics, Healthcare Startups, Corporations, Government, or Insurance. We partner with them to provide solutions to their operations and strategic challenges through Data driven and evidence-based approaches.